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  • Stephen Evans
  • Instructor of Clinical Medicine - PGY2
  • Academic Office:
    Internal Medicine
    Medical Sciences Building Room 6065
    Cincinnati, OH 45267
  • Phone: 513-558-2590
  • Email:

    Research/Clinical Interests:

  • I am helping conduct a clinical observational study seeking to determine any correlation between isometric hand grip performance and exercise treadmill times.  We are working to see if hypertensive patients who lower their systolic blood pressure and resting heart rate with dynamic exercise as with an exercise treadmill, can do the same by performing isometric hand grip exercises.  Both isometric hand grip and treadmill exercise protocols have been shown to independently lower blood pressure and improve resting heart rate.  We are trying to determine whether patients who improve their blood pressure with treadmill exercise are also able to do so by isometric hand grip exercises.
    I served as an undergraduate research assistant to Dr. Jonathan Groner, a pediatric surgeon and Trauma Medical Director of the Level 1 Trauma program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  I shadowed the pediatric trauma service and observed both the operating room and clinic.  I helped gather data for a research project investigating the geographical correlations to incidence rates of child abuse.  My work entailed clinical data gathering and implementing geocoding software for demographic data correlation.
    My undergraduate senior biology thesis work involved the identification of symbiosis-related genes in corals using a microarray approach. I oversaw an ecological genomics study aiming to identify symbiosis-related genes in the coral-dinoflagellate symbiosis. I specifically examined the behavioral, physiological, & transcriptional effects of copper-based anti-fouling paint on the sea anemone Aiptasia pallida. I designed and executed various experiments involving behavioral assays, haemocytometry, oxygen microelectrodes, real-time PCR, and microarray analysis to investigate gene expression patterns in symbiotic vs. non-symbiotic corals.


  • Medical Degree: Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Bachelor's Degree: Vassar College
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