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Article about the FMMP in UC Findings

Article about Research Resources in the FMMP in UC Findings

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A settlement between the US Department of Energy (DOE) and attorneys representing individuals (class members) living or working within five miles of the Fernald uranium processing plant for two consecutive years between 1952 and 1984 was reached in 1989 after a summary jury trial. The Settlement Fund provided a medical monitoring program for members of the class and an epidemiological study of the area.

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The initial comprehensive examinations conducted as part of the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP) began in the autumn of 1990. The FMMP has provided 9,720 initial examinations and over 20,000 re-examinations. In December 1998, the FMMP changed from a three year to a two year examination cycle.


The purposes of the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program include the following:

1.To provide a comprehensive evaluation of the current health of eligible class members.
2.To provide a comprehensive evaluation of risk factors for diseases which class members might develop.
3.To educate class members on how to modify their risk factors and thereby improve their health.
4.To establish a good baseline database for class members which may be useful in subsequent epidemiological studies.

The Medical Monitoring Program provides a comprehensive health assessment, not just one focused on cancer. The goal is to evaluate and improve individuals' overall health.


The Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP) provides health screening services and benefits to eligible participants according to a pre-established protocol approved by the Fernald Settlement Fund Trustees. Each examination includes many medical screening tests, but the Medical Monitoring Program does not provide additional diagnostic testing for abnormalities discovered on screening tests. The Program is not permitted to provide treatment for diseases or conditions identified. All participants will be referred to their physicians for further diagnosis and treatment if necessary.

It is important to note that is not possible to establish whether or not an individual case of disease was caused by living close to the Fernald site. Whether or not harm has occurred in the population is the focus of epidemiological studies. Individuals may wonder whether diseases or conditions they have are due to radiation exposure. There must be an understanding that cause and effect cannot be established for a specific condition in an individual case but that only a study of the entire population of the area can permit a determination of cause and effect.


The initial examinations of the FMMP identified many previously undiagnosed or uncontrolled health problems. It has been a priority of the FMMP to follow-up on those health problems to ensure that participants receive adequate diagnosis and therapy from their own physician. The FMMP database is then updated to reflect the new diagnosis. An important objective of the bi-yearly examination program is to continue this follow-up process as well as to identify new health problems. Many of the tests and examinations provide continued benefits for participants when repeated at regular intervals.

The FMMP benefits participants by offering them well-accepted health screening and health promotion services. At the same time, the re-examination program allows us to maintain contact with as many individuals as possible and to collect data needed for subsequent studies of the population.

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